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Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera,

Selepas negara Greece rebah kerana masalah hutang yang teruk, kini giliran Italy pula. Kita telah menyaksikan satu demi satu negara kesatuan Eropah ini musnah dek kerana sistem kewangan Kapitalis yang berasaskan riba ini menghancurkan negara mereka. Tiada jalan keluar untuk membolehkan negara seperti Greece, Italy ini membayar hutang mereka. Persoalannya negara mana pula selepas ini?? Portugal, Ireland, Sepanyol, France, Germany, US ???
Bagaimana pula dengan Malaysia, adakah kita tidak terlepas dengan ini? Fikir-fikirkan.

Negara-negara eropah kini yang dilanda krisis kewangan kini dalam erti kata lain nak bayar interest pun pun dah tak mampu. Jumlah hutang negara saban hari semakin meningkat berikutan interest (riba) seolah tiada jalan untuk mereka melangsaikan hutang ini.

Mari kita lihat bagaimana mereka boleh keluar dari masalah Global ini.
Greece, Italy turn to experts for way out of debt

Outgoing Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou waves to the media as he leaves

The new Greek Prime Minister Lucas Papademos is seen outside the presidential palace

ATHENS, Greece (AP) — Europe's financial crisis eased Thursday as Greece installed a respected economist to replace its prime minister and Italy appeared poised to do the same — both hoping that monetary experts can do better than the politicians who drove their nations so deeply into debt.

The announcement in Athens — coupled with the prospect that volatile Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi will be ushered out soon — quieted market fears, at least for now, that turmoil in Europe could threaten the global economy.

But significant challenges remain in both debt-heavy Mediterranean countries.

Greece's new prime minister, Lucas Papademos, a former vice president of the European Central Bank, must quickly secure the crucial loan installment without which his country will go bankrupt before Christmas, and approve the EU's $177 billion (€130 billion) bailout deal.

In Italy, lawmakers have to pass new austerity measures over the next few days. However, expectations that respected economist Mario Monti will lead an interim technocratic government after Berlusconi goes helped lift the gloom.

Italy's borrowing costs shot up alarmingly Wednesday to 7.4 percent on fears that Berlusconi would linger in office. But the markets calmed Thursday when it appeared that Italian lawmakers would approve the latest government austerity plans in the next few days and Berlusconi would resign after that.

Monti, 68, now heads Milan's Bocconi University, but he made his reputation as the European Union competition commissioner who blocked General Electric's takeover of Honeywell.

European stock markets rose on the twin Greek and Italian developments, while in the U.S. the Dow Jones industrial average was up 113 points, or 1 percent, a day after shedding nearly 400 points. The euro was also in demand, trading 0.5 percent higher at $1.3609.

Still, the European Union warned that the 17-nation eurozone could slip back into "a deep and prolonged" recession next year amid the debt crisis. The European Commission predicted the eurozone will grow a pallid 0.5 percent in 2012 — much less than its earlier forecast of 1.8 percent. EU unemployment was forecast to be stuck at 9.5 percent.

Europe has already bailed out Greece, Portugal and Ireland — but together they make up only about 6 percent of the eurozone's economic output, in contrast to Italy's 17 percent. Italy, the eurozone's third-largest economy, is considered too big for Europe to bail out. It has a mountain of debt — $2.6 trillion (€1.9 trillion) — and a substantial portion of that needs to be refinanced in the next few years.

In Greece, Papademos called for unity and promised to seek cross-party cooperation to keep Greece firmly in the 17-nation eurozone.

"The participation of our country in the eurozone is a guarantee for the country's monetary stability. It is a driver of financial prosperity," Papademos said after getting the mandate to form a Cabinet. "I am not a politician, but I have dedicated most of my professional life to exercising financial policy both in Greece and in Europe."

The 64-year-old Papademos, who also served as Bank of Greece governor, will lead a government backed by both Greece's governing Socialists and the opposition conservatives until early elections, tentatively set for February. He replaces outgoing Prime Minister George Papandreou midway through his four-year term, ending a family dynasty that has dominated Greek politics for decades.

In Washington, State Department spokesman Mark Toner welcomed Papademos' appointment and "the consensus that's been reached in Greece over the need to implement the country's reform commitments to the IMF as well as the European Union."

The new Greek Cabinet will be sworn in Friday. There has been no announcement on its composition, and officials said negotiations continued late Thursday.

However, two government officials and two opposition lawmakers, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the issue, said Evangelos Venizelos was expected to remain finance minister. Venizelos was deeply involved in negotiating the European rescue plan.

Greek analyst Platon Monokroussos said hopes have been raised that the new prime minister will help the country regain its lost international credibility.

"Of course, the new government will fight an uphill battle to implement a very austere adjustment program in Greece, very significant structural reforms, and this creates a lot of challenges," said Monokroussos, who heads financial market research at Eurobank. "But overall, today's outcome is positive."

European officials greeted the Greek news with relief.

"The agreement to form a government of national unity opens a new chapter for Greece," said a joint statement by European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso and European Council President Herman Van Rompuy.

They stressed that "it is important for Greece's new government to send a strong cross-party message of reassurance to its European partners that it is committed to doing what it takes to set its debt on a steady downward path."

The interim government's mandate includes passing the $177 billion (€130 billion) European debt deal that took months to work out, and ensuring the country receives the next $11 billion (€8 billion) installment of its initial €110 billion bailout.

Under the new deal, private bondholders will forgive 50 percent — or some €100 billion — of their Greek debt holdings.

Eurozone officials are withholding the next loan installment until Athens formally approves the rescue package. They have also demanded a written pledge from Papademos, Papandreou, opposition party leader Antonis Samaras, the head of Greece's central bank and the finance minister.

Many Greeks are angry after 20 months of government austerity measures, including repeated salary and pension cuts and tax hikes to meet the conditions of the country's first bailout. Despite the belt-tightening, the Socialist government repeatedly missed its financial targets as Greece fell into a deep recession, amid rapidly rising unemployment that surged to 18.4 percent in August — close to double the EU average.

Papademos' appointment followed 10 days of political turmoil triggered by Papandreou's shock announcement that he wanted to put the latest European bailout deal to a referendum. Fears that the agreement would be defeated led to mayhem on international markets and angered both European leaders and his own Socialist lawmakers.

Bowing to pressure, Papandreou agreed to resign and reached a historic power-sharing deal with Samaras on Sunday to form a transitional government.

Papademos, who is not a member of any party, has been operating lately as an adviser to the prime minister.

He taught at Columbia University and worked at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston before returning to Greece, where he headed the central bank from 1994 to 2002 after helping fend off a speculative attack on the drachma, Greece's pre-euro currency.

At the Bank of Greece's helm, Papademos presided over an era of increasing independence from the government that was crucial in helping Greece secure membership in the eurozone. He then spent eight years at the European Central Bank.


D'Emilio reported from Rome. Associated Press writers Costas Kantouris in Thessaloniki, Greece, Colleen Barry in Milan, Victor Simpson in Rome, Elena Becatoros and Derek Gatopoulos in Athens, and Gabriele Steinhauser in Brussels contributed to this report.


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Di belasah di tempat sendiri..

Ha ha ha..Bestnya tengok muka Najib.

MANCHESTER – Rekod tanpa kalah Manchester United dalam Liga Perdana Inggeris (EPL) bukan sahaja lebur di Old Trafford, namun dimalukan dengan kekalahan besar 1-6 kepada musuh ketat mereka, Manchester City, semalam.

Kemenangan itu juga bermakna City melebarkan kelebihan lima mata daripada United selepas sembilan perlawanan.

Mario Balotelli memulakan pesta gol City pada minit ke-22 hasil rembatan menarik ke bahagian penjuru gawang United bagi meletakkan skuad bimbingan Roberto Mancini mendahului 1-0 pada separuh masa pertama.

Nasib malang Red Devils bermula apabila Johathan Evans dilayangkan kad merah, empat minit sebaik separuh masa kedua bermula dari detik itu, penguasaan City jelas sukar digugat.

Balotelli menambah gol kedua City pada minit ke-59 sebelum pemain antarabangsa Argentina, Sergio Aguero meletakkan Citizens semakin selesa dengan gol ketiga, 10 minit kemudian.

Walaupun Darren Fletcher merapatkan jurang pada minit ke-81, Edin Dzeko kembali menjarakkan kedudukan buat City pada minit ke-88 sebelum David Silva dan Dzeko sekali lagi menambah sengsara United dengan dua gol pada minit ke-91 dan 93.

Perlawanan United menentang City turut disaksikan oleh Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak bersama rakan-rakan Facebook di kediaman rasmi, Seri Perdana dekat Putrajaya.

Sementara itu, rentak buruk Arsenal di permulaan musim semakin pulih apabila mencatatkan kemenangan kedua berturut-turut dalam kempen liga selepas menumpaskan Stoke City 3-1 di Stadium Emirates.

Kemasukan Robin van Persie jelas membantu kemenangan Arsenal ketika kedudukan terikat 1-1 apabila penyerang antarabangsa Belanda itu meledak dua gol pada minit ke-72 dan 82.

Arsenal sebelum itu mendahului menerusi Gervinho pada minit ke-27 sebelum disamakan Peter Crouch, enam minit kemudian.

Dalam satu perlawanan, Everton menang 3-1 ke atas Fulham di Craven Cottage hasil jaringan Royston Drenthe, Louis Saha dan Jack Rodwell sementara gol tunggal tuan rumah disumbangkan oleh Bryan Ruiz.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Mustafa Kamal Ataturk: Kematian Yang Menyeksakan

Tentu anda semua pernah mendengar nama dan kisah Mustafa Kamal Atatürk bukan? Bagi yang kurang mengetahui tentang kisah beliau, entri kali ini ingin menyelongkar kehidupan Mustafa Kamal Atatürk yang telah banyak merosakkan agama Islam.

Mustafa Kamal Atatürk 1881-10 November 1938 adalah pengasas Republik Turki . Beliau merupakan pegawai tentera, pemimpin revolusi, negarawan dan presiden Turki yang pertama.

Beliau adalah komander tentera yang berjaya dan berkhidmad sebagai panglima tentera semasa Pertempuran Gallipoli iaitu ketika Perang Dunia I. Angkatan tentera pimpinan beliau berjaya merampas kembali wilayah Anatolia dan Palestin . Ketika itu Empayar Ottoman / Uthmaniyah sedang dikoyak-koyak oleh Tentera Bersekutu. Mujurlah Mustafa Kamal telah memimpin pergerakan kebangsaan Turki menghadapi Perang Kemerdekaan Turki.

Beliau telah memindahkan ibu negara Turki dari Istanbul ke Angora yang kini dikenali sebagai Ankara.

Mustafa Kamal telah membentuk semula aspek kehidupan rakyat Turki agar sesuai dengan tuntutan semasa yang kemudian dipangil ideologi Kemalist. Ideologi ini bertujuan menyediakan Turki ke arah negara moden, demokratik dan negara sekular , positif dan bertindak rasional.

Beliau memerintah dari tahun 1918 hingga 1934. Beliau adalah seorang negarawan yang berkebolehan dalam bidang politik. Memeperkenalkan sistem politik sekularisme, beliau ‘berjaya’ meruntuhkan empayar Turki Uthmaniyyah. Mustafa Kamal Ataturk meninggal dunia pada tahun 1938 dan telah dikebumikan di sebuah makam di Ankara iaitu ibu negaranya.

Kematian Mustafa Kamal Atatürk
Di saat kematiannya, Allah telah datangkan beberapa penyakit kepada beliau sehingga beliau rasa terseksa dan tak dapat menanggung seksaan dan azab yang Allah berikan di dunia.

Antaranya ialah:

1. Didatangkan penyakit kulit hingga ke kaki di mana beliau merasa gatal-gatal seluruh badan.

2. Sakit jantung

3. Penyakit darah tinggi

4. Panas sepanjang masa, tidak pernah merasa sejuk sehingga terpaksa diarahkan kepada bomba untuk menyiram rumahnya 24jam. Pembantu-pembantunya juga diarahkan untuk meletak ketulan-ketulan ais di dalam selimut untuk menyejukkan beliau.

Maha suci Allah, buat macam mana pun rasa panas tak hilang-hilang. Oleh kerana tidak tahan dengan kepanasan yang ditanggung, beliau menjerit sehingga seluruh istana mendengar jeritan itu. Oleh kerana tidak tahan mendengar jeritan, mereka-mereka yang bertanggungjawab telah menghantar beliau ke tengah lautan dan diletakkan dalam bot dengan harapan beliau akan merasa sejuk.

Allah itu Maha Besar, panasnya tak juga hilang. Pada 26 september 1938, beliau pengsan selama 48 jam disebabkan terlalu panas lalu dia sedar selepas itu tetapi beliau hilang ingatan.

Pada 9 November 1938, beliau pengsan sekali lagi selama 36 jam dan akhirnya meninggal dunia. Sewaktu beliau meninggal, tidak seorang pun yang memandi, mengkafan dan sembahyangkan mayat beliau. Mayat ini diawetkan selama 9 hari 9 malam, sehingga adik perempuan beliau datang meminta ulama-ulama Turki memandikan, mengkafankan dan sembahyangkannya.

Tidak cukup dari itu, Allah tunjukkan lagi balasan azab ketika mayatnya di bawa ke tanah perkuburan. Bila mayatnya hendak ditanam, tanah tidak menerimanya (susah jenazahnya hendak masuk ke liang lahad). Disebabkan putus asa, mayatnya diawetkan sekali lagi dan dimasukkan ke alam muzium yang diberi nama EtnaGrafi di Ankara selama 15 tahun (sehingga tahun 1953).

Selepas 15 tahun mayatnya hendak ditanam semula, tapi Allah Maha Agung, bumi sekali lagi tak menerimanya. Habis ikhtiar, mayatnya dibawa pula ke satu bukit ditanam dalam satu binaan marmar beratnya 44 ton. Mayatnya ditanam di celah-celah batu marmar

Inilah binaan marmar yang menepatkan mayat Kamal Ataturk selepas bumi tidak menerima jasadnya.

Kerosakan Yang Telah Dibuat Atarturk
Disebalik kematian beliau yang sungguh tragis itu, sebenarnya semasa hayatnya beliau telah melakukan pelbagai – bagai kerosakan terhadapa agama islam di Turki khususnya.

1. Membolehkan perempuan memakai tudung dengan syarat pakai skirt

2. Membolehkan lelaki memakai seluar panjang dengan syarat pakai tali leher dan topi (sesuai dengan kehendak barat)

3. Menyuruh wanita dan lelaki menari di khalayak ramai. Beliau sendiri pernah menari dengan seorang wanita di sebuah parti umum yang pertama di Ankara.

4. Beliau pernah menegaskan bahawa “negara tidak akan maju kalau rakyatnya tidak cenderung kepada pakaian moden”

5. Menggalakkan minum arak secara terbuka.

6. Mengarahkan Al-Quran dicetak dalam bahasa Turki

7. Menukar azan ke dalam bahasa Turki. Bahasa Turki sendiri diubah dengan membuang unsur-unsur Arab dan Parsi.

8. Mengambil arkitek-arkitek dari luar negara untuk memodenkan Turki. Hakikatnya mereka diarah mengukir patung-patung dan tugu-tugunya diseluruh bandar Turki.

9. Satu ucapan beliau di bandar Belikesir di mana beliau dengan terang-terangannya mengatakan bahawa agama harus dipisahkan dengan urusan harian dan perlu dihapuskan untuk kemajuan.

10. Agama Islam juga dibuang sebagai Agama Rasmi negara.

11. Menyerang Islam secara terbuka dan terang-terangan

12. Menggubal undang-undang perkahwinan berdaftar berdasarkan undang-undang barat.

13. Menukar Masjid Ayasophia kepada muzium, ada sesetengah masjid dijadikan gereja.

14. Menutup masjid serta melarang dari bersembahyang berjemaah.

15. Menghapuskan Kementerian Wakaf dan membiarkan anak-anak yatim dan fakir miskin.

16. Membatalkan undang-undang waris, faraid secara islam

17. Menghapus penggunaan kalendar Islam dan menukarkan huruf Arab kepada huruf Latin.

18. Mengganggap dirinya tuhan sama seperti firaun. Berlaku peristiwa apabila salah seorang askarnya ditanya “siapa tuhan dan dimana tuhan tinggal?” oleh kerana takut, askar tersebut menjawab ‘Kamal Atartuk adalah tuhan” beliau tersenyum dan bangga dengan jawapan yang diberikan oleh askar itu.

Begitulah Hayat hidup seorang pengkhianat agama, telah ditunjukkan kekuasan oleh Allah dan diberi pembalasan sebelum hari Akhirat lagi. Semoga kita dilindungi dari dari segala dugaan dan dilindungi dibawah rahmat Allah SWT.

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1 TRILLION.. 1,000,000,000,000

Ulasan Mahathir mengenai rancangan pengurangan perbelanjaaan oleh kerajaan US berikutan kegawatan ekonomi mereka yang semakin tenat. Tahap ICU tunggu nak mampos jer.
Jom beralih kepada simpanan Emas dan Perak seperti yang disunnahkan oleh Rasullullah.

by Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad on Saturday, August 6, 2011 at 5:43am

.by Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad on Saturday, August 6, 2011 at 5:43am.1. Obama, according to their own news reports, is trying to raise the ceiling for borrowing by the US Government.

2. The US Government is in debt to the tune of US$14 trillion. He wants to borrow more in order to repay the loans. If he cannot repay he will be in default. When a country fails to repay loans, it will be declared bankrupt just like anyone else.

3. What is one trillion dollars? We write it down as one billion with three additional zeros after it. Thus 1,000,000,000,000. It is not such a big figure. You add three zeros or three nothings and the figure increases by 1,000 times. But if we write down one billion as 1,000,000,000 one thousand times, we will have a better idea of what one trillion means. We would be horrified at the size of one trillion if we write the figure 1, one trillion times, which really is what one trillion means.

4. We now talk about these huge sums of money without really appreciating the real amount. Even in Malaysia we talk of billionaires now, not millionaires who are dime a dozen. We are losing our sense of proportion.

5. Just consider $14 trillion in Rupiahs or even in Yen. The figure would spill over the edge of a million sheets of A4-sized paper.

6. Malaysia is one of the countries which lent money to the US. When we buy US bonds we are in fact lending money to the US. Now the US dollar has depreciated from 3.8 Ringgit to one US Dollar to 3 Ringgit per US Dollar. We have lost 80 Malaysian sen for each dollar we lent to the US, if we redeem our bonds. Incidentally we will not be allowed to redeem all our bonds as the US has no money.

7. However, if we keep gold we would be rolling in wealth. Gold was fixed at US$35 per ounce by Bretton Woods in 1943. Now it is US$1,400 per ounce. Even at the depreciated US Dollar of 3 Ringgit we would have 4,200 Ringgit worth of gold for every ounce. Even if we had bought gold say 10 years ago we would have made a pile.

8. A US report says that the US war in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan has cost the US more than US$3 trillion. This is being financed by the loans given by other countries through buying US bonds.

9. The US shows no signs of cutting back on military expenditure. Billions of Dollars are spent on researching, developing and producing more efficient means of killing people. Some 60 military bases are maintained all over the world.

10. By all accounts the US is a debtor nation which will never be able to settle its US$14 trillion debt. In other words the US is a poor debtor country, unable to discharge its loans. And it will remain a poor debtor country unless it is willing to cut back massively on its expenditure, particularly its military budget. When one is poor one lives like a poor men.

11. I remember reciting Humpty Dumpty when I was a child. That is the US today. And not all the Nobel laureates in finance, economics and accounting can put it back together once it falls.

12. Far better to admit you are poor and behave like a poor man than to wear flashy suits and throw your weight around. People will soon learn what you really are.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Astro yang degil - POTONG

huh!..surat kenaikan harga langganan dari astro.

"Bukan Rais Yatim kata tak sah ker."

"Memang sah keras kepala si Astro nih. Diorang still nak naikkan harga langganan."

"Beli asyik nak ekslusif jer, channel lain tak boleh nak siarkan.Sekarang biar kita POTONG dan biar diorang tengok sendiri."

Channel TV percuma pun sekarang ini boleh tahan dah banyak rancangan menarik. So rasanya tak dapat tengok astro pun tak per. Hampeh betul la..

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Tariff Elektrik

Aku sebenarnya dah malas nak komen pasal benda nih. Buat penat jer melalak, bukan diorang nak dengar pun. :(

Kenaikan kenaikan sebegini semakin menjadi-jadi sekarang ini. Entah la. Dah macam trend.
Tapi golongan-golongan atasan disana masih mengekalkan gaya hidup mewah mereka bagai tiada apa yang berlaku walaupun dibibir-bibir mereka sibuk merungut mengenai kenaikan harga barang.Risaukan permasalahan rakyat. Tapi di hati mereka entah apa yang difikirkan untuk mengatasi masalah ini. hmm drama apa ini??

Monday, May 23, 2011

Pandi Kutty

Sejak akhir-akhir ni perkataan "pandi kutty" telah bermain dibibir-bibir ahli politik negara. So aku pun mencari-carilah apa makna kepada perkataan ini.

Dari Indian words barangkali..

Tengok la..comel bukan pandi kutty nih ha ha ha..Ni baka kacukan dengan dalmation nih.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Aku kini semakin obses dengan Emas hu hu..
Kini website mengenai emas ini semakin lengkap.

Sudi-sudilah melayari website saya ini :

Thursday, February 10, 2011

astro first dan youtube

"kat youtube Skrg dah Bleh tgk movie yg ditayang kat astro first tau.."

"ye ko dah download belum cite hantu kak limah tu"

"sudah ler he he he"..

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cinta Azali

Giler Seeh...tadi gua dgr lagu Cinta Azali nih kat radio24..terus donlod la ha ha ha..

notes:gambar nih gua main rembat jer kat tenet..kpd tuan punya gmbr boleh ya boleh ya..
Semenjak mula kita bersua
Bergetar rasa di dalam jiwa
Apakah ini tandanya
Ada janji antara kita

Setiap hari kita berdekatan
Rasa hangatnya kemesraan
Bila kita berjauhan
Gelora jiwa kerinduan

Kita bersama terus kembara
Jauh ke taman asmara
Di sana cinta berpadu
Menjadi satu

Demi cinta suci ini
Kurnia dari Illahi
Biarpun ke lautan api
Sanggup diharungi

Memang sudah suratan azali
Kita dipertemukan di dunia
Sehingga kita kembali
Bertemu semula di syurga